Friday 9/29/23

CrossFit 7x7
September 28, 2023
Friday 9/29/23

A) 15x30 secs on 30 secs off (3 rounds):

1) 30 sec wallball hamstring curls

2) 30 sec bandy overhead tricep extensions

3) 30 sec elbow plank Rx+: Plate weighted

4) 30 sec hollow hold

5) 30 sec active hang

B) “Open WOD 18.2”

For time:


Double dumbbell front squats (50/35lb)

Bar facing burpees

*12 minute time cap

*If you are performing this workout Rx, stepping out or in on the burpee is not allowed for this wod. This was the only year of the Open that they did not allow stepping out or in of the burpee.

Open WOD 18.2A:

1-rep-max clean

*Complete in the time remaining before the 12 minute time cap of part A

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