Monday 4/24/23

CrossFit 7x7
April 27, 2023
Monday 4/24/23

Every 3 minutes: Back squat 5x3 @85%

Superset with 1 wall walk + 10 second wall facing handstand hold

B) 4 rounds for time:

10 kipping handstand pushups

10 db push jerks (2x 50/35lb)

10 db deadlifts

10 goblet db box step overs (24/20”) (rx+: double db box step overs)

(rest 1 minute after each round)

*13 minute time cap

**Modify kipping HSPU to:

Reduce reps to 5 per round

Do 6 box HSPU per round. Further modify to box HSPU starting from knees.

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