Monday 6/19/23

CrossFit 7x7
June 18, 2023
Monday 6/19/23

A) Every 4 minutes for 12 minutes (3 rounds) complete:

10/side back rack split squats (slow down, fast up)

Superset with 10-12 tempo push ups*

*1 sec pause at top and bottom, 2 second negative

**Modify to banded push-ups (band hanging from pull-up bar around chest)

B) Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes (5 rounds) complete:

Run 100m

6 devils press (2x50/35lb)

8 db front squats

10 pull-ups


35/25lb dbs

Reduce reps of pull-ups to 6-8 or do jumping pull-ups or ring rows

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