Saturday 8/19/23

CrossFit 7x7
August 24, 2023
Saturday 8/19/23

Partner WOD

800m run with partner

Then complete 12 rounds total (leap frog style):

10 pull-ups

12 db suitcase lunges (50/35lb)

14 alt. db snatches

Then 400m run with db **

*So partner A will complete 10 pull-ups, then Partner B will complete 12 suitcase lunges (hold db at side with one arm, switch arms on consecutive rounds)-then Partner A will complete 14 snatches (1 round completed), then B 10 pull-ups, etc etc until 12 total rounds are complete.

**On 400m run buy out, partners must take single db with them on run. Partners may switch off who carries the db as often as desired.

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