Thursday 12/8/22

CrossFit 7x7
December 7, 2022
Thursday 12/8/22

A) Every 2:15  for 4 rounds:

6 push press from the rack

B) 4 rounds for quality:

6-12 kipping CTB pull-ups or 3-6 ring MU

15 heavy russian kb swings (62-70/40-53lb)

5 L suitcase deadlifts + 50m L arm suitcase carry

5 R side suitcase deadlifts + 50m R arm suitcase carry

*Rest as needed after each round 

*Pull-up modifications: 5-10 kipping chin over bar pull-ups. If you don’t have unassisted kipping pull-ups perform 5-7 kipping swings for max height + 5-7 challenging banded strict pull-ups

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