Thursday 3/2/23

CrossFit 7x7
March 1, 2023
Thursday 3/2/23

A) Every 5 minutes for 6 rounds (30 minutes) alternate between:

1) 12 db suitcase deadlifts (50/35lb) R arm

9 db hang power cleans R arm

6 db push press R arm

12 db suitcase deadlifts L arm

9 db hang power cleans L arm

6 db push press L arm

Then Bike/Row/Ski-erg  @70-75% effort in remaining time

2) Run 800m @ 70-75% effort

*This is intended to be a steady aerobic piece. Heart rate should never be spiking too high. Work at a pace that you can maintain for 30 minutes straight. If you can’t comfortably run an 800m in 5 minutes, reduce the run to 600m.

B) For quality:


PVC pipe sit-ups

Kb plank drag throughs

*After each round perform 30 second side plank/side

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