Thursday 9/28/23

CrossFit 7x7
September 28, 2023
Thursday 9/28/23

A) 10 minute AMRAP for quality:

8 db Arnolds press (35-50lb/25-35lb)

6 db deficit tempo push-ups (tempo 1111)

4 wall walks

*For deficit, hands on the heads of the db, chest touches ground. 1 sec pause in plank and one second pause with chest touching ground, Modify to no deficit.

*Wall walk mods:

Reduce reps to 2 instead of 4

Partial wall walks

Inchworm to extended plank

B) 15 minute AMRAP for quality:

12 double kb deadlifts (2x53/35lb)

Moderate bike/ski erg/run/row for 1 minute

10/leg kb farmers carry reverse lunges**

Moderate bike/ski erg/run/row for 1 minute

8 tempo double kb front rack squats (tempo 2020)

**Do all lunges on one leg first, then all lunges on the other leg

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