Tuesday 10/3/23

CrossFit 7x7
October 5, 2023
Tuesday 10/3/23

A) 12 minute alt. Gymnastics  EMOM:

1) 5-15 kipping pull-ups Rx+: CTB

2) 50ft handstand walk or 30 second handstand hold

3) 5 weighted strict pull ups

4) rest


Min 1: 5-15 high kipping swings or 30 seconds kipping pull-up practice

Min 3: Modify to unweighted or assisted strict pull-ups (but as challengings as possible for 5 reps)

B) With a partner complete 5 rounds each (10 total)  I-go-you-go style:

35/28 calorie row

5 50ft shuttle runs

*30 minute time cap

**One partner completes row + shuttle runs while other partner rests. Then switch.  If your round takes more than 3 minutes, cut row cals by 5+.

**One 50ft shuttle run is 25ft down and back with a 3 point touch every time you change direction.

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