Tuesday 8/1/23

CrossFit 7x7
August 1, 2023
Tuesday 8/1/23

A) Every 4:30 minutes for 3 rounds complete:

Back rack split squats: 10/side (controlled descent, fast up)

*Re-rack the weight after 10 reps. Take a 15-30 second rest, then perform the other leg

Superset with 2-3 wall walks + 6-10 handstand shoulder taps at top of each wall walk

*Scaled option: Scaled wall walk + 10 second hold at top of each wall walk

B) 12 minute AMRAP:

12 hang power cleans (115/75lb) Rx+ (135/95lb)

12 box jump overs (24/20")

12 hand release push-ups

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