Sean McBride, DPT

Sean McBride, DPT



- CrossFit L1

- Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

- Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

- Kaiser Permanente Southern California Orthopedic Residency

About Coach

The human movement has always interested me. I became a physical therapist specializing in orthopedic physical therapy after training in the UCSF/SFSU graduate program before my residency at the Kaiser Southern California Orthopedic Residency. While completing my formal schooling, I was working out and training at San Francisco CrossFit where I was exposed to an extremely high standard of coaching, emphasizing movement quality & performance. I am equally a performance coach and physical therapist, with all athletes I work with benefiting from both sides of my background. In addition to coaching and treating injured athletes, I work with The Ready State and Kelly Starrett, who I am proud to call my mentor.

I co-wrote The Ready State 102 Movement Assessment course and have been teaching that in-person and virtually since 2017. I specialize in blood flow restriction training, myofascial decompression using cupping, and manual therapy. I have an extensive background in training and treating athletes of all ages and abilities.

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