Saturday 11/26/22

CrossFit 7x7
November 27, 2022
Saturday 11/26/22

Partner WOD

With a partner complete:

Buy in:

1000m row

30 strict HSPU

Then I-go-you-go 8 rounds total:

8 double db box step ups (50/35lb) to 24/20”

8 strict pullups

Then 500m row

Then I go-you-go for 8 rounds total:

12 box jumps

12 TTB

Buy out:

30 strict HSPU

1000m row

*Split up row and HSPU as desired. For I-go-you-go rounds, 1 partner completes entire couplet while other partner rests. Repeat until 8 rounds total (4 each) are complete.

*First mod for strict HSPU: Pushups with hands on dbs (chest touches ground)

*Next Mod: Hand release pushups

*40 minute time cap

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