Thursday 7/6/23

CrossFit 7x7
July 11, 2023
Thursday 7/6/23

A) Every 2:30 minutes for 4 rounds complete:

8 romanian deadlifts + 5 Pendlay rows

*Adjust weight as desired between deadlifts and rows

B) 5 rounds for quality:

10 kipping pull-ups Rx+: CTB pull-ups or 4-8 bar MU

40-60 double unders or 30-40 crossover singles or 45 seconds of practice of either movement

5 strict toes to bar

50m staggered OH carry**

*rest as needed after each round

**Hold one lighter db/kb overhead and one heavier db/kb at side. Switch arms at 25m.

***Modify pull-ups to banded kipping or 10 kipping swings

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