Tuesday 9/26/23

CrossFit 7x7
September 28, 2023
Tuesday 9/26/23

A) 12 minute alt. gymnastics EMOM:

1) 5-10 strict HSPU

2) 5 strict tempo toes to bar (1 sec pause at top, 3 sec lower)

3) 20-30 wall facing handstand shoulder taps

4) Rest


1) Pike pushups on ground or box, or regular push-ups

2) Tempo strict knees to chest

3) Scale to feet on box with hands close to box and hips high, or plank shoulder taps

B) Every 5:30 minutes for 4 rounds (22 minutes)

Row 500m/450m

Run 400m

*If not getting at least 1 minute rest cut run by 100m, and/or row by 50-100m

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