Wednesday 3/8/23

CrossFit 7x7
March 7, 2023
Wednesday 3/8/23

A) Find a heavy 3 back squat

Then drop to 70% of heavy 3 and do 2 max sets aiming for 9-12 reps

*25 minute time cap

**As you work up to your heavy 3, do not do 3 reps at every single weight. Also, we will do heavy triples for 2 more weeks so leave a little in the tank for the next two weeks.

B) For time:

40 alt. db snatches (50/35lb)

30 box jumps (24/20”)

20 pushups

Rest 2 minutes

Then 5 rounds for time of:

8 alt db snatches

6 box jumps

4 pushups

*13 minute time cap

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